CTRMS, Ltd. has over forty years of hands-on experience in developing global trade operations in over 50 countries. We help companies enter new international markets and provide a range of on-site global trade management support services for optimizing offshore manufacturing and distribution operations, while achieving compliance in an increasingly complex global environment. We do this through solid compliance research and development of international sourcing and supply chain optimization strategies. 

We know the technicalities and logistics of global trade and provide assistance with foreign investment approvals, source and destination country customs and tax compliance, trade agreement certifications, intellectual property licensing, supplier audits, supplier staff training and implementation of technology solutions for global trade compliance, quality controls, production and inventory monitoring. Supplier BOM analysis, export and import documentation standard procedures, forwarder and customs agent instructions are critical to achieve savings and avoid compliance challenges. We effectively handle customs tariff and valuation challenges, related transfer pricing issues and, provide support for international contract negotiations, export compliance, audits and investigations. 

Trade disputes often give rise to publicity and brand reputation challenges and we provide specialized support for corporate public affairs and communications in these critical situations. We are committed to making a difference through organizing appropriate CSR and community development actions and projects in emerging markets.